Monday, March 01, 2010

PKR Batu Kawa CNY Chap Goh Mei Celebration

PKR Batu Kawa CNY Chap Goh Mei Celebration, Year of Tiger 2010

150 PKR members and friends turned up at PKR Batu Kawa Sarawak Service Centre on 28 Feb 2010 to mark the finale of Chinese New Year on Chap Goh Mei (which literally means '15th Night'in Hokkien). The celebration is aimed at enhancing the harmony and goodwill prevailing amongst Sarawak's diverse races.

Guests were met at the door with small door gifts of mandarin orange, ferroro rocher chocolate and red packet to symbolize good luck and good wishes.

A lion dance was performed to summon good luck and fortune. Guests were enthralled by the lions' bright yellow magnificent appearance, agile footwork, and vigorous drumming style. The lions duo approached the greens like curious cats, chomped on the Chinese leeks and spit out the stalks, then opened the Chinese cabbage carefully to retrieve the angpow hidden inside, and creating a flowery pattern in the process. Then the cabbage was presented back beautifully with gold wealth replicas to symbolize prosperity.

Later, PKR leaders tossed the 'yee sang' prosperity dish for a year of abundance, harmony, prosperity and ... of course, electoral success! Lunch was served with a spread of chicken masak merah, beef rendang, lamb curry and meehoon, with delicious Sarawak kek lapis, cakes and festive cookies to finish off.

PKR leaders who graced the occasion include: Datuk Hafsah Harun - advisor, YB Dominique Ng - advisor and ADUN for Padungan, Baru Bian - Sarawak Liaison Chief, Jimmy Donald and Granda Aing - vice chairmen, and Wong Huan Yu - treasurer. Other leaders who made their appearances include Arip bin Ameran, Dr Francis Ngu, Stanny Embat, John Antau, Cecilia Yuna,Angela Jabin, Hj Sobey and Suhaizal bin Amin.

A very good start to the new lunar year! The Year of the Tiger is expected to be a challenging one inviting bold actions in intensity and change, whilst the Metal element will provide determination to accomplish goals.

May the tiger chase happiness, good health and abundant wealth onto our paths!

God bless,



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