Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sarawak and Sabah Must Insist On State Rights

Zaid Wants Sabah, S'wak To Lead On Reform Agenda

Pakatan Rakyat pro-tem chair Zaid Ibrahim is convinced that Sabah and Sarawak are in a unique position to make the opposition coalition’s agenda for change and reform really work.

“They can reach across to moderate Malaysians on the peninsula, to save the country from Umno which has become a lunatic fringe.”

The starting point, according to the former Umno de facto Law Minister, is East Malaysia's insistence on federal government compliance with several legal arrangements.

This includes the 20 Points, state rights, autonomy and the 1963 Malaysia Agreement, among others.

“Together, you (Sabah, Sarawak) have 56 seats in Parliament. Use this to full effect,” said Zaid at a gathering of opposition leaders in Kota Kinabalu last night. “When you succeed, the states in Peninsular Malaysia will benefit too.”

It was often forgotten in the east-west polemics over Malaysia, said Zaid, that the federal government is also not honouring the 1948 Federation of Malaya Agreement.

“The states must be given back their powers and rights under the three-tier system of government that is the very basis of the federation,” said Zaid.

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