Monday, January 04, 2010

PKR Batu Kawa New Year Eve Dinner & Countdown 2010

Contributed by Dr Francis Ngu


YB Dominique Ng, the ADUN for Padungan has described the Countdown for 2010 as the beginning of the countdown for the ouster of an ‘Expired Date' Barisan National from the Government in Sarawak. The Old must make way for the New as desired by the people, to usher in a era of political reform and renewal in Sarawak. The people of Sarawak has Hope for a new government, a New Dawn !

This he declared at a new year eve Countdown Dinner organized by PKR Batu Kawa Branch on the night of December 31st 2009. Those present at the function included several party leaders in Sarawak, including Deputy Chairman Hj. Wan Zainal Abidin, Vice-Chairmen Jimmy Donald and Granda Aing, Treasurer Wong Huan Yu, Youth Chief Nazib Johari, Assistant Secretary Piee Ling, Dr. Francis Ngu and Lina Soo, Batu Kawa branch leader.

YB Ng said there is an even chance that the Dewan Undangan Negeri may be dissolved in 2010 to pave the way for snap general elections.

“Party KeAdilan Rakyat with Pakatan Rakyat, will confront BN throughout Sarawak. The Pakatan national policy framework is now ready; it addresses major issues of deep concern to Sarawak people.

BN may scoff at my contention of imminent regime change, but who would have thought of the 520 and 308 election outcomes. BN was swept away in Kuching in 2006, followed by an even more impressive rout in Federal Territory in 2008.

Why would it not be possible for Pakatan Rakyat which has gained control of the Sarawak State Capital to go on and gain the mandate to form the state government ? Would not Pakatan Rakyat which now firmly controls Federal Territory, gain the mandate from across the nation to march on to PutraJaya?

Sarawak and Malaysia are at a critical juncture; change we shall ! Power to the People !

Happy New Year!”

YB Dominque Ng, ADUN for Padungan, PKR Sarawak Advisor


The Vice-Chairman of Party KeAdilan Rakyat in Sarawak, Jimmy Donald, also addressed the new year eve Countdown Dinner organized by the Batu Kawa Ranting (Branch) of the Party on the night of December 31st 2009.

He called on those present at the function to bring the message of Change throughout Sarawak. The message will spread fast by a multiplier effect. Change is the hallmark of 2010; Change will be in the heart and mind of the people; Change must and shall take place to bring about a just government in Sarawak.

The continuation of the Barisan National Government in Sarawak is now definitely not in the interest of the people.

As a secondary school principal in earlier years he said he was witness to the inequality and injustice when opportunities for higher education were denied many students, with excellent examination results, especially from the Chinese community. Many too were denied jobs in government department by virtue of race.

When he raised these injustices suffered by Sarawak students and school leavers in Parliament when he was elected wakil rakyat, the matter was not given due attention by the Barisan National Government.

He alluded to the increasing trend of migration among various communities to foreign countries, as people have lost hope in the nation which does not practice social equality and justice. The Barisan National Government values racial belonging much more than brains and talent.

He commended those present at the function as the brave ones who have come to make a stand and to be heard, in spite of coercion and threats.

They have begun to realize that Party KeAdilan Rakyat is their future, a party which will bring Change and a better future for all regardless of race. This is the party of the people which will seek and treasure brains and talents among the young, and not marginalize them by race of origin.

This is the party which will not only reverse the outward migration of bright young people, but will even attract talent back to our homeland. This is crucial for state and national progress, and for pulling us out of backwardness and poverty in a world increasingly competitive.

Thus everyone has a sacred duty to spread the message of Change throughout Sarawak. Change we must in the New Year 2010, so that this will again be a Land Fair and Just.

Yang Berbahagia Jimmy Donald, Vice-Chairman, PKR Sarawak

31st December 2009.


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